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Past abrupt changes, tipping points and cascading impacts in the Earth system Brovkin et al. 2021

ESD – Interacting tipping elements increase risk of climate domino effects under global warming ( (Wunderling et al. 2021)

Regime shifts occur disproportionately faster in larger ecosystems | Nature Communications (Cooper et. al 2020) (Berdugo et al. 2020) (Mathias et al. 2020) (Cooper et al. 2020) (Swingedouw et al. 2020)  (Otto et al. 2020) (Lenton et al. 2019) (Roopnarine 2018)   (Pennekamp et al. 2018) (Steffen et al. 2018)  ( Jiang et al. 2018) (Levin et al. 2011)  (Lenton, 2013) (Brook et al. 2013)  (Barnowsky et al. 2012)  (Rockström et al. 2009)  (Lenton et al. 2008) (Scheffer et al. 2001)
Key Note Timothy M. Lenton 14/05/2019 Bifurcation, Hysteresis, Tipping Points (02/04/2019, Theodore P. Pavlic, Arizona State University)
(Tim Lenton, Exeter University, 18/02/2019 on Global Systems Institute) Identifying Tipping Points (Tim Lenton, Exeter University, 15/04/2018)  
(Steve Carpenter, U Wisconsin-Madison) 23/05/2016) Social-Ecological Systems Ecosystem Regime Shifts (15/02/2016 by Systems Innovation)
(Jeff Gore, MIT, 28/07/2015) Ecosystem stability, critical transitions, and biodiversity Foreseeing critical transitions (Marten Scheffer, U Wageningen, 11/11/2015)
(Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs on Regime Shifts) 15/02/2011 Resilience (Brian Walker, Stockholm Resilience Centre TV) (03/04/2009)
Elinor Ostrom on socio-ecological resilience (May 2007, published 25.01.2013)


Transitions and Bifurcations